• Banks express fear that cryptocurrencies could disrupt finance sector

    A number of leading financial institutions have expressed fears that cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin could play a potentially disruptive role in the world's financial sector.

  • Bitcoin’s hidden value is in its tracking technology called the blockchain

    Blockchain might not be something you've heard of before, but leading governments around the world have certainly taken notice. It's a technology that could revolutionize the way organizations are run. The hidden value of bitcoin, the digital crypto-currency platform, lies in the technology that verifies and tracks transactions by network nodes that record the information in a public distributed ledger called the blockchain, which uses bitcoin as its unit of account. It works without a central repository or single administrator, and many governments have announced plans to adopt the technology to keep track of transactions and simplify processes.

  • Blockchain spending in MEA expected to double in 2018

    Spending on blockchain solutions in the Middle East and Africa (MEA) is set to more than double this year, according to the latest insights from International Data Corporation. The global technology research and consulting firm's recently launched 'Worldwide Semiannual Blockchain Spending Guide' shows spending in the region totaling $80.8 million for 2018, up 107% on the $38.9 million spent in 2017.

  • welcomes Enjin’s new ENJ Coin

    On Tuesday, the pioneering cryptocurrency platform announced that Enjin’s ENJ Coin has been addedto their Wallet & Card App alongside bitcoin (BTC), ether (ETH), Litecoin (LTC), Binance Coin (BNB) and XRP.

  • Switzerland set to become global hub for cryptocurrency revolution

    Financial analysts are predicting that Switzerland is set to become the global epicenter for the forthcoming cryptocurrency and blockchain technology that it is built on. Reports have emerged that investors are flocking to the affluent Alpine nation in an effort to get in on the virtual action.

  • UK watchdog raises concerns about unregulated crypto market

    The UK’s Financial Conduct Authority has raised concerns about the cryptocurrency market and has warned the public of the threats involved with unregulated cryptocurrencies.

  • US operator faces $224m lawsuit over alleged theft of digital currency

    US telecommunications colossus AT&T has been issued with a $224m lawsuit after an investor in cryptocurrency accused the US operator of engaging in fraudulent and gross negligence in relation to the theft of digital currency.