Australian Start-Up

  • Electric car start-up claims vehicle is a ‘new species’ for personal transportation at CES

    An American start-up technology company have unveiled its highly anticipated first production vehicle at CES 2017 – and made the bold proclamation that the vehicle would represent a ‘new species’ for personal transportation.

    Faraday Future, which has its headquarters in Los Angeles, has held no secret regarding its ambitions in becoming a market leader in developing intelligent electric vehicles. Management for the tech firm previously outlined their desire to overtake Tesla.

  • How can US start-up connect two European cities?

    A US start-up company has disclosed its lofty ambitions to create a 'supersonic' rail transport system which would connect two major European cities.

    Hyper-Loop Transit Technologies (HTT) publicly announced that it had reached an agreement to carry out a feasibility study into the prospect of implementing a supersonic hyper-loop rail system between the European cities of Brno (Czech Republic) and Bratislava (Slovakia).

  • Smartphone start-up aims to provide connectivity for millions in rural India

    Indian telecommunications operator Reliance believes its new smartphone start-up Jio, which has produced a 'free' internet-enabled device entitled the 'JioPhone' - will bring connectivity to millions in rural parts of India.

  • US drone firm announces it has completed 77 autonomous deliveries

    A US drone delivery company has announced that it has completed 77 autonomous deliveries from a local convenience store to customers’ homes. Australian start-up company Flirtey, which is based in Nevada, made the announcement this week which represents a significant step forward for future drone technology delivery services.