• Apple’s plan to build data center in European city fails

    US tech giant Apple announced it had shelved plans to build an 850-million-euro ($1.0-billion) data center in Ireland over a court battle with conservationists who were seeking to preserve a forest.

  • Car manufacturers issue appeal to China to relax its policy on electric cars

    The world's leading car manufacturers have come together to issue an appeal to China to delay or soften its planned policy in relation to the sales of its electric and hybrid vehicles. The proposals brought forward by China's Ministry of Industry and IT has been viewed as 'impossible to meet' by global automakers, and added that the introduction of the policy would severely disrupt the automotive sector.

  • Uber suffers fresh setback following defeat in UK legal battle

    US-based global ride hailing service Uber has suffered a fresh setback following a decision by a UK court to uphold recommendations made by a regulatory body that drivers needed to prove their ability to communicate in English.