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NYPD replace scooters with fleet of Smart Cars

The New York Police Department (NYPD) have officially announced that they will extend its fleet of Smart Cars - and replace the three wheeled scooters that officers have used for decades to navigate about New York City. The NYPD have already deployed 150 Smart Cars into the fleet, but plan to introduce an additional 75 in the coming months after reaching an agreement with the German automaker Daimler AG.

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Apple announce plans to develop self-driving cars

Apple has confirmed its ambitions to develop self-driving vehicles. There has been widespread speculation in relation to Apple's ambitions in the sector of autonomous vehicles over the last number of years, but it has now been officially revealed.

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Microsoft and Renault-Nissan partner to advance connected driving experiences

The Renault-Nissan Alliance and Microsoft Corp. have signed a global, multiyear agreement to partner on next-generation technologies to advance connected driving experiences worldwide. The companies will work together to develop next-generation connected services for cars powered by Microsoft Azure, one of the company’s intelligent cloud offerings.

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Passenger drones and flying cars

Have you ever thought about a car with flying wings; a car that can be driven and flown in a new and practical way? It's a question that's haunted anyone who grew up watching sci-fi classics, and one American company claims they're coming sooner than you'd think.

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Uber deploys autonomous cars for select passengers in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Uber officially deployed its first fleet of driverless vehicles last week in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The company was beaten to the race to be the first company to deploy autonomous taxis when nuTonomy rolled them out in Singapore in late August. Only customers considered to be ‘loyal’ are able to try out the new driverless vehicles in Pittsburgh.

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