Smart Mobility Deployments AF

Introduction of self-driving cars in South Africa will be delayed due to ‘poor infrastructure’

The introduction of self-driving cars and an autonomous public transportation system in South Africa is likely to be delayed due to the poor state of the country's infrastructure. Technology companies and the world's leading car manufacturers are continuing to invest their resources into developing self-driving cars and platforms into a technology that will transform the automotive industry.

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Vodafone creates ‘ambulance taxi’ service to reduce maternal mortality rates in African nation

The Vodafone Foundation has created an 'ambulance taxi' service specifically designed to combat and reduce maternal mortality rates in Africa. The service which has been described as a 'first of its kind' has been deployed in two Tanzanian districts. The project in Tanzania has been a phenomenal success and has saved the lives of high-risk pregnant women by reducing the maternal mortality rates by 27% on the first year of its inception.

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Huawei launch ‘Smart Transportation Solution’ for bus sector in Africa

Chinese telecommunications colossus Huawei is launching a 'Smart Transportation Solution' (ITS) in an attempt to resolve the ongoing issue with traffic congestions that plague major cities across the world. A distinct lack of 'smart' transportation management methods and regular road maintenance is to blame for many of these issues encountered in many urban areas and cities.

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