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The Smart Cities World Forums E-newsletter is distributed on a bi-monthly basis and targets personnel from Government, City Mayors, CTO (City Decision Makers) CIO’s, ICT Industry, Telecom Industry, City Planning, Healthcare, Commerce, Economy, Mobility, Transport, Education and Innovation sectors who are at the forefront of the digitization of cities all over the world. In addition to the bi-monthly newsletter, we publish articles on the transformation of regions into Smart Cities on our website, Smart Cities World Forums, on a daily basis. This will keep readers engaged, informed and up to speed with all the technological advancements being developed in Smart City projects on a global basis – which will ultimately ensure they never miss out on any of our top stories. 

Through innovative use of ICT and secure high-speed communications, we are seeing the beginning of a new era for cities - and our team will be there to cover all smart cities activities to bring you all the latest updates about projects and Smart City leader decisions. 


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