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Residents catch traffic violators thanks to Dubai Police ‘smart app’

The creation of a Dubai Police ‘smart app’ has received resounding praise for enabling residents of the city with the opportunity to report those guilty of carrying out traffic violations - that may be putting their lives or other motorists lives at risk.

Statistics released by the Dubai Police ‘smart app’ showed that residents in the city reported a staggering 38,163 traffic violations courtesy of the innovative application. That represents a significant rise in those now engaging with the app, and a leading police chief has said the introduction of the ‘smart app’ has been an incredible success.

Director of Dubai Traffic Police, Colonel Saif Muhair Al Mazroui reiterated that police rely hugely on reports made by members of the community, and encouraged them to continue to engage with the ‘smart app’ program – which is entitled ‘We Are All Police’ - as they continue their campaign against dangerous driving in the city.

Al Mazroui said: “The ‘We Are All Police’ program relies greatly on reports made by members of the community. The introduction of this ‘smart app’ gives residents a channel to report any kind of violations they see on the road. This avenue has given residents the opportunity to disclose to the authorities any traffic violation they’ve witnessed that may be putting their lives or other people’s lives at risk.”

Civilians can register traffic violations by either engaging with the ‘smart app’ or by calling the toll-free number 901. The highest number of fines issued this year, were in May, which saw 9,510 traffic violations registered by police.

Al Mazroui revealed that the police don’t immediately issue a fine to motorists when they receive a complaint. The driver guilty of the violation is informed of their violation. However, police will check the record against that driver, and if it’s the second time the motorist has been reported then a fine will be subsequently issued.

Al Mazroui declared: “After residents report violations either through the ‘smart app’ or by directly calling police, the violator immediately receives a call from police and is informed of his or her violation. Police then check whether the driver was present on the same road when the report was made against him. When the same complaint is made more than once against the driver, a fine is issued.”

The director added that a fine would never be issued without checking the credibility of the report being registered.