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The 2nd edition of Building the SMART Future 2018 conference highlights every aspect of smart cities

This year’s edition saw the participation of C-level executives who took part in interesting panels that discussed the topics of key technologies in smart cities and compared smart cities in the region and worldwide. Smart healthcare was also an important topic that drew the attendees’ attention given the approach the panelists had when tackling the topic.

Data was also on the event’s agenda with a dedicated panel on organizing and utilizing data as a fuel for smart cities and how digital identity is driving new integrated services, in addition to protecting data security which is an important in element to preserve the sustainability of smart cities.

At the 2nd edition of “Building the SMART Future”, Smart Cities World Forums awarded two cities for being the best smart cities in the MENA region and the world. A global voting campaign resulted in electing Dubai as the Best Regional Smart City and Toronto as the Best Global Smart City.