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Smart city digital platforms and services - implementation case study

Leading smart cities

  • Comparing and ranking smart cities in the region and worldwide
  • What's next for leading cities
  • Can operators get to a common understanding on technology enablers? 

Leading technologies - "Drones for Good" initiative

  • Drones for rescue
  • Drones in disaster zones

Advanced technologies in smart cities

  • AI and Blockchain's impact on the industry's ecosystem and sectors
  • How does this technology enhance smart cities?
  • Future opportunities and ensuing challenges
  • Digitization then data analytics then AI  

Digital identity and data security in smart cities

  • Managing and securing our digital identify
  • Digital Identity driving new integrated services
  • Approach to Data security in the overall cybersecurity ecosystem

The Future of smart cities

  • Perspective of smart and digital government
  • Data management in smart cities
  • Role of city leaders in governments

Smart health into digital transformation

  • Can telcos play a key role in smart healthcare?
  • What are the viable solutions and services
  • What are the target markets and services in the MEA region
  • How Technology help the EMR deployment

Resilience of our smart cities

  • Cybersecurity for digital infrastructure
  • Safeguarding our physical infrastructure
  • How do we approach security in the area of convergence of the digital and physical infrastructures