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Apple halts its self-driving car project laying off dozens of employees

Apple is reportedly easing its self-driving car project as it plans to map a new route. The New York Times recently reported that the company has closed parts of the project, which it never publicly confirmed, and laid off dozens of employees as part of a "reboot" plan.

The report says the team at what Apple called project Titan had grown to over a thousand, but the project ran into problems, such as trying to stand out from other similar self-driving car projects, by the likes of Google and Uber among others. Apple fueled speculation about the project earlier this year, when it invested in Chinese ride-sharing service Didi Chuxing.

According to the Times report, Apple has moved away from pumping resources into its Titan project after two years. The company is up against market rivals Google, Uber and Tesla which have been making major investments in autonomous vehicles. Uber plans to deploy autonomous vehicles for its ride-sharing services in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. It also announced moves to further solidify itself as a trailblazer in driverless cars.

Uber also established a $300 million venture with Chinese-owned, Sweden-based Volvo Cars to develop self-driving cars to be ready for sale by 2021. What's more, the thriving company is purchasing Otto, a San Francisco startup developing self-driving trucks, to add to its fleet. Uber has been working with Volvo, as two of the founding members of a coalition to push for a unified U.S. legal code for autonomous vehicles. Google, Ford and Lyft are also part of the group.