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Metro-Lab Network announce creation of Smart City advisory council

Smart-City group Metro-Lab Network have announced the creation of an advisory council which is specifically designed at helping member cities implement its innovative technology projects. The new council aims to provide strategic advice to those who are the forefront of the digitization of cities on a global scale.

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Verizon purchases Wi-Fi business to accelerate Smart City infrastructure plans

American telecommunications giant Verizon has purchased the majority of assets from LQD WiFi LLC as part of its plans to fast track and accelerate its strategy to implement Smart City infrastructure across its platforms. LQD WiFi LLC is a private company based in New York and while the sum of the investment hasn’t been disclosed, it has been widely reported in some quarters to be a significant amount.

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15 U.S. states join together for Smart Gigabit Communities initiative

Fifteen communities have joined together as part of a US Ignite Smart Gigabit Communities initiative. The goal is to create a national network of Smart Gigabit Communities that will leverage next-generation Internet and Smart City technologies to keep pace with rapidly changing technology and economic conditions.

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