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UAE confirmed as the most connected country in the world on LinkedIn

LinkedIn, the world's largest professional network has confirmed that the UAE is the most connected country in the world. The information released by LinkedIn accurately reflects the innovative and dynamic nature of the UAE.  The professional networking decides to publicly disclose the figures after it emerged that it had reached a milestone of 500 million members across 200 countries. The professional networking site has 22 million members in the MENA region alone.

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UAE set to introduce eco-friendly drones to electrically seed clouds

The UAE Research Program for Rain Enhancement Science has announced that it is set to introduce eco-friendly drones to electrically seed clouds as part of the nation's weather bureau experiments. The UAE has been experimenting with new cloud-seeding methods and technology in order to feed rainwater to parched reaches of the region- and it has now revealed its exciting new experiment which will include the use of unmanned aerial vehicles for seeding.

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Huawei’s vision of a ‘better-connected world’ relies on cooperation and collaboration to power the smart city ecosystem

The creation of technologies to make our cities and everyday lives smarter is a growing reality - not least with emerging 5G broadband technology and the growing applications within the Internet of Things (IoT). But as these smart applications grow, both in their innovation and scope of use, so does the need to build a partnership ecosystem through which we can roll out innovations that are leading to nothing less than a digital transformation.

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Linksys new Velop system will revolutionize Wi-Fi experience for ‘The Connected Family’

American networking equipment firm Linksys have introduced their innovative VELOP system to the Middle Eastern market to much fanfare in Dubai. The new product is a complete wireless and wired solution that is simple to use, exceedingly fast - and provides 100% speed to the edge of the network. It is being hailed as the first true Whole Home Wi-Fi system that is set to revolutionize the Wi-Fi experience for ‘The Connected Family'.

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Smart city solutions the key aspect of SAP’s strategy in MENA

SAP had a strong presence at Mobile World Congress this year, featuring a connected car demo, a connected stadium demo, and an announced collaboration with Apple to deliver the expanded SAP Cloud Platform SDK for iOS. In addition, SAP named its new Head of Telco for the MENA region, Mr. Bulent Unsal, who said the Middle East and North Africa is an important region for the company where it has formed partnerships with local telcos to implement smart city solutions.

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