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Latvian companies develop AI prototype for waste management

Waste management is one of the world’s most pressing issues, however Peruza and Dots, two Latvian companies, have created a prototype through the use of AI to increase the efficiency of plastic waste.

Peruza, an equipment manufacturing and process engineering company, has collaborated with Dots, a technology company also based in Latvia, to create a prototype system which is able to recognize and collects various types of packaging materials in an effort to contribute to the EU’s upcoming single plastic directive.

Peruza had stated that 10 countries within Europe have already implemented deposit return schemes and that we should expect more to come in the future. This is in line with the EU’s goal for 2030 for all packaging used in the market to be recyclable or reusable.

Robert Dlohi, CEO of Peruza, stated, “The problem of existing devices is that they can collect individual types of packaging. They use a barcode for recognition. Our system can currently recognize, collect and sort 5.0 liter and/or 1.5 liter Pet bottles, and 5 liter plastic bottles, 1.5 liter plastic canisters, as well as aluminum cans, cardboard Tetra Pak, glass bottles and jars.”

He added, “We have also foreseen situations when packaging appears in the system it cannot recognize. For that we have created a separate bin for unsorted waste.”