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SK Telecom collaborates with BreezoMeter on air quality monitoring

SK Telecom has signed a Memordanum of Understanding (MoU) with BreezoMeter to provide accurate hyper-local air quality information.

Under the terms of the agreement, SK Telecom is expected to provide the data which is generated from Everyair to BreezoMeter. The data will then be refined with its machine learning (ML) algorithm.

SK Telecom’s EveryAir platform, which was launched back in 2018, measure the air quality in a given area which includes the levels of dust both indoor and outdoor, CO2 and volatile organic compounds.

Vice President and Head of the AI home unit at SK Telecom, Hong Seung-jin, said, “With increasing customer interest in air quality, SK Telecom decided to work with BreezoMeter, a global leading provider of real-time air quality data.”

He added, “We will continue to do our best to provide accurate air quality data that can lead to improved quality of customers’ lives.”

EveryAir currently provides its users with a two-day forecast. However, with the improved accuracy of air quality data, the platform is expected to generate a four-day forecast instead.

Recently, it was found by the European Environment Agency that air pollution was the reason behind 400,000 premature deaths in the EU in 2016. Additionally, a report titled ‘Air quality in Euro[e- 2019’ showed that while Europe’s air quality is improving, pollution is still prominent and is still a threat to people’s health.