• FinTech growth allowing Filipinos access to banking needs

    Filipinos can now avail of affordable financial products and services such as mobile banking, remittance, insurance, loans and credit as the use of technology and innovation continues to grow in the Philippines, according to Mynt, the financial Technology (FinTech) arm of Philippines telecom provider Globe Telecom.

  • Metro Manila prepares for digital transformation with new smart city projects

    Metro Manila, one of the three metropolitan areas in the Philippines, has just completed an AI-powered video surveillance pilot and revealed that it has partnered with Iveda to work on a series of smart city projects.

  • Philippine region of Makati takes first steps towards becoming a smart city

    The beautiful city of Makati in the Philippines has taken the first steps towards becoming a smart city, following an announcement which was made at the FTTH Council Asia-Pacific’s Philippines Workshop. The project has been described as a trend setter in terms of smart cities in the region – and it has been described a significant and progressive step in the development and regeneration of cities in the Philippines.

  • Philippines to get first ever subway system as part of 100bn infrastructure overhaul

    The Philippines will get its first ever subway system as part of a massive investment to overhaul and modernize the country's infrastructure. Controversial President Rodrigo Duterte has announced the initial details of its $100bn three-year development which he has claimed will kick off a 'golden-age of infrastructure'. The subway system set to be erected will be the most expensive of all the planned infrastructure projects estimated at a cost of 227bn pesos.

  • Plans to construct a $14bn ‘pollution-free’ city in Philippines unveiled

    The Philippines Government has officially announced its detailed plans to construct a new $14bn 'pollution-free' super city - that would be bigger than Manhattan in an effort to address the chronic air pollution and traffic problems in its capital city of Manila.