• Amazon offers employees $10K payoff in bid to ‘drive’ delivery business

    US e-commerce behemoth Amazon is offering employees a $10,000 pay-off to become independent package delivery entrepreneurs in an effort to help accelerate the company’s efforts to control its own logistics.  

  • Amazon resorts to drones for shorter delivery times

    Amazon said it expects to begin large-scale deliveries by drone in the coming months as it unveiled its newest design for its “Prime Air” fleet.

  • COSTA undertakes unique drone delivery trial in Dubai

    Global coffee colossus COSTA has selected Dubai for its innovative testing of its revolutionary new 'drone delivery' service. COSTA embarked on the trial due to customer demand - 82% of its UAE customers said they would use a drone to deliver food and beverages directly to them, and COSTA subsequently decided to undertake a unique trial in Dubai with its 'Drone Drop' service.

  • Google’s plans to expand drone delivery service encounters turbulence

    Google's aspirations to extend the reach of its innovative drone delivery service has encountered a number of issues and plans to begin a wider launch of the product that have been put on hold. Google's parent company Alphabet, a leading software company, has revealed its ambitious plan for a marketplace that could order anything from a coffee to toilet paper and have it within minutes.

  • Which country has announced plans to commercialize self-driving trucks by 2022

    Government officials in Japan have announced its intentions to commercially deploy self-driving trucks by 2022. It's the country latest attempt to breathe new life into its ailing corporate sector. In addition to this, it further disclosed its plans to finalize the strategy to enable package delivery by drones by 2020.